Garage Door Repair Service
Garage Door Repair Service

Garage Door Repair Service Mission Viejo CA

Our team has been servicing residential and commercial garage doors for years. We can assure you that your garage door repair service Mission Viejo CA needs are fully covered by our company. There is an expert team of technicians at our company that can thoroughly troubleshoot and repair problems with any garage door type. Do you have a Genie opener and a Clopay door? Do you own aluminum overhead doors or wood carriage ones? With long experience in repairs, our technicians can service any door and provide fast response garage door repair service on a 24 hour basis.

Garage Door Repair Service

We service all garage doors in Mission Viejo CA

Most parts are made of steel and last for a long time. Doors are durable and new openers integrate many special features which make them essential parts of your property's security and personal safety. Still all parts are affected by strong winds, humidity and other elements. They eventually corrode or get misaligned. Springs are the only parts which don't last as long as other components but they still need some repair work before they are replaced. With our garage door repair service in Mission Viejo CA, we take care of any problem that suddenly pops and keep your door in tip top condition.

Our company offers full garage door services

Garage Door Repair Mission Viejo CA offers a great range of services. By providing replacement, repair, maintenance, adjustment, and installation services, our team has everyone's needs fully covered. Each garage door problem might have several solutions. Our job is to troubleshoot in order to single out the specific problem which caused damage in the first place.

Call us if:

  • Your garage door becomes stuck. This can happen due to a broken pulley or misaligned track. The door gets stuck when the rollers pop off the tracks too. Our technicians identify which parts are responsible for the problem and take care of it.
  • You can't lift the door manually. Is the overhead door too heavy? It's most likely the spring's fault. If your spring breaks, the door will not open. We offer 24 hour spring repair and replacement.
  • The door is loud. Garage doors usually get noisy when they are not lubricated or their rollers are worn. In either case, we take care of the issue. We can replace the rollers and any other rusty part, fix the springs, lubricate and take care of opener issues.
  • The cable is off the drum. We offer 24/7 emergency cable repair and can also replace these parts when they break.
  • The door doesn't close or keeps reversing. This is most likely a problem with the opener. We also check if there is a problem with the springs or any other part, but we usually fix this problem by adjusting the opener settings or aligning the sensors. We provide 24/7 emergency repair service.
  • The garage door doesn't open or doesn't stay open. Either problem is likely due to the broken springs. If this is the case with your door, we will replace the faulty spring in no time. In a different case, we check the motor and the wires. Our technicians have the tools and skills necessary to offer opener repair on the spot.

Let us take care of your garage door repair requests

All garage door repair services in Mission Viejo CA take place in a jiffy. The results are effective because our technicians have the skills, qualifications, and experience for any repair job you need. You can call us if you have any problem with your garage door and its opener or they just don't seem to work well. We take care of emergency requests 24/7, but are also here to fix parts and make adjustments any time you feel your garage door is not operating as it should. Give us a call. Let us troubleshoot and offer garage door repair service today.